Intermedia Research Studio

The Studio supports experimental forms of research that challenge reified social science and commodified art; including work that is process-driven, participatory or interactive. 

The Intermedia Studio’s research program explores the representational problems that arise in attempts to describe all kinds of social and historical contradictions. How do you describe contradictions when, for example, ideological depoliticization makes contradictions disappear into thin air? How do you describe them since they are, on the one hand systemic, and on the other, never one but always a tangle of many? How do you represent contradictions when they intermediate the politics of belonging or not belonging. How do you describe contradictions when they are as affective as they are meaningful, as embodied as they are phantasmatic or prosthetic, when they are distributed through a space or a time between the visible and the intelligible? Lastly, how do you describe thickly, as the ethnographers among us say, contradictions when social contradictions are not reducible to logical ones since they involve temporalities and emplacements and dislocations?

Key Network Researchers                                                                                                        


Sourayan Mookerjea  

toxic media

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