Sheena Wilson

PhD University of Alberta
Affiliation: University of Alberta
Faculty of Arts - Modern Languages and Cultural Studies

Director - Bilingual Writing Centre

Co-director - Petrocultures Research Group

Sheena Wilson is Associate Professor of Literature and Cultural Studies at Campus Saint-Jean, University of Alberta. Her research interests involve an interdisciplinary and intersectional approach to visual and textual representations of gendered and other forms of marginalization within the context of global oil cultures.  Dr. Wilson has a strong interest in climate change, water governance and the futures of communities, tied together by a belief that social transformation, energy transition and climate justice must be informed by feminist and decolonizing efforts that reorient our relationships to one another and our environments. She has a particular focus on the impacts of the resource extraction economy on stakeholders including Indigenous communities, activists and other dissenters, and the wider public.

Sheena is the editor of Petrocultures: A Series in Energy Humanities, a new book series with the University of Alberta Press and the editor of Imaginations: Journal for Cross-Cultural Image Studies. Her publications include "Gendering Oil: Tracing Western Petro-Sexual Relations" (2014), "Petro-Mama: Mothering in a Crude World" (2014), "Petro-Intersectionality"(2016), Sighting Oil (2012), Petrocultures: Oil, Energy and Culture (forthcoming 2017, McGill Queens).


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