The Glass Bead Game Podcast: The Meaning of Climate Change. A University of Sussex Project.

PART ONE: INDIGENOUS OIL (Featuring David Attenborough)

In the first episode of THE GLASS BEAD GAME, presenter Will Hood explores the relationship between energy, ecology and economics, combining academic research with the anecdotal experience of indigenous groups on the front line of Canada’s environmental conflict. 

  • Chief Billy Joe Laboucan Massimo - Chief of the Lubicon Cree Band, Little Buffalo, Alberta, Canada
  • David Attenborough – Broadcaster
  • Ernie Gambler - Indigenous Musician from Calling Lake, Alberta, Canada
  • Isabel Altamirano-Jimenez - Indigenous Scholar at the University of Alberta, Canada
  • J.B. Williams, Tsawout First Nation - Flood Story Narration (with music from Elder May Sam)
  • Makere Stewart-Harawira - Indigenous Scholar (Maori) at the University of Alberta, Canada
  • Peter Newell - Professor of International Relations at the University of Sussex

Presenter: Will Hood.  

Interview excerpts http://www.resilience.org/resource-detail/3068592-the-glass-bead-game-podcast-the


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